Edmonton Aikikai - Strathcona Community Center - 10139 87 Avenue Northwest - Edmonton


Our fees are composed of two independent parts:

  • Annual Membership
  • Mat Fees
Please direct any questions about fees to one of our senior members.

Annual Membership

The annual club membership fee is $200. Students are responsible for this amount before they can begin practicing, and then annually on their anniversary.

CAF Dues: $20 All students must be members of the CAF in order to practice.
Seminar Fees: $180 Used to finance our seminars.

Mat Fees

Students have two options for paying mat fees:

Option 1: Annual
Payable at the same time as the annual membership
$500 Mat fees cover cost of facility rental and equipment maintenance.
Option 2: Monthly
Payable at the first class of the month


We welcome visitors from other clubs across Canada.

Visitor drop-in: $10 Visitors must be current registered CAF members.